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Factor Maps on Shifts of Finite Type and Measures (or, Hidden Markov Chains Found Again). Eurandom, Technical University of Eindhoven, June 2005 and Ohio State University, April 2007 Eind-OSU07

Some Sturmian Symbolic Dynamics. Queen Mary University of London, June 22, 2009 QMSturmianJune2009

An adic dynamical system related to the Delannoy numbers. Workshop on Information and Randomness, Pucon, Chile, December 2010 ChileTalk2010

Some results and systems related to the super-K property. 2012 Workshop in Dynamical Systems and Related Topics, Pennsylvania State University JPT2012-10-13

Adic Systems and Symbolic Dynamics. Short Course at Pingree Park, Colorado, July 2014 Pingree7

Generalizations of Neural Complexity to Dynamical Systems. University of Paris 6, Jussieu, June 16, 2015 Jussieu2015_06_16