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Brownian Motion, Hardy Spaces and Bounded Mean Oscillation, LMS Lecture Note Series 28, 1977.

Ergodic Theory, 1983; corrected paperback edition, 1989. Errata: errata1-08

Ergodic Theory and Its Connections with Harmonic Analysis: Proceedings of the 1993 Alexandria
Conference, with Ibrahim A. Salama, LMS Lecture Note Series 205, 1995.

Entropy of Hidden Markov Processes and Connections to Dynamical Systems: Papers from the Banff International Research Station Workshop, with Brian Marcus and Tsachy Weissman, LMS Lecture Note Series 385, 2011.

These are available from Cambridge University Press, 40 W. 20th St., New York,NY 10011-4211.

Courseware: Calculus Explorer and Tutor I and II, 11 diskettes plus Student Guide, 1994. HarperCollinsCollegePublishers, 1900 East Lake Ave., Glenview, IL 60025, ISBN 0-673-55834-7.