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Information and Coding: Materials from First-Year Seminar InfCoding2018_01_16

Attractors and Attracting Measures–Math. 261, Spring 1997 M261S972018_01_23

Symbolic Dynamics–Math. 261, Spring 1998 M261SymbolicDynamicsS982018_01_15

Notes on dynamics of continued fractions from Spring 2000 Math. 261 refrac

Notes of lecture course at Workshop on Dynamics and Randomness, Santiago, Chile, December 2000, “Information Compression and Retention in Dynamical Processes” info1

Short courses on ergodic theory in Egypt and Estonia lecturespdf

Sofic Measures: Characterizations of hidden Markov chains by linear algebra, formal languages, and symbolic dynamics–Math. 210, Spring 2006 Main

Measure-Preserving Systems–Math. 857, Spring 2007 mpsys857-11-11-08

Measuring Complexity in Cantor Dynamics—Lectures at the CIMPA Research School 2–13 November 2015 KEPSalta2016_07_08